So It Rained in Red Rock

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Photo By Irene Yee-20150223_115341.jpg

Wet sandstone should not be climbed on.
Its challenging to know when it's dry as temperature, amount of rain, and amount of sun can all impact how the rock dries out.

Sandstone is like a dry sponge, absorbing moisture, drying on the outside but still retaining water inside.
As it absorbs the water it dissolves the cementing agents keeping it together and can lose up to 75% of it strength when dry.


Questions to ask yourself to make an informed decision: -is the sand dry? It's the first thing to dry out since its loose and on the ground. (Wet sand? Look at this photo. Wet as hell) -how much did it rain? Was it cloudy or sunny when it stopped? -how sunny is the area I'm going to? -are the insides of cracks dry? -do I want to be the one ripping the key hold off a classic climb?

Why You Should Care: -It can be unsafe. Holds could break and cause very unexpected accidents. Trad gear may not hold, and can easily pull out of placements. -You have the potential to rip off holds and change classic climbs forever. -Just like hikers, it's our job to reduce our impact, leave no trace, and keep these areas for generations to come.

So yes. It sucks to come out here and have wet conditions, and it is not the job of anyone to be responsible but you.

More information on wet sandstone:

Other Things To Do!

Places to Climb:

The Gun Club- Sport Climbing

Limestone located just 15mins away from Red Rock. Easy approach.

Keyhole Canyon- Trad Climbing

Limestone, an 1hr. south.

Prison Gate- Bouldering

Granite about 1hr. south.

New Jack City- Sport Climbing

Metamorphic Gneiss 3hrs away. All grades, free camping

Rainbow Canyon- Trad/Sport

Basalt 3hrs away, quiet out of the way awesome climbing.

East Side Boulders- Bouldering

Volcanic Tuft, little trafficked area but with a plethora of problems. Go for an adventure. Information in the new Southern Nevada Bouldering II book.

Joshua Tree

Urban and SUburban Crags

St. George and Mesquite

Things to do in Vegas:

Seven Magic Mountains- Art sculpture located in between Vegas and Primm- FREE

102 Sky Lounge Bar at the Stratosphere- FREE

Springs Preserve- don’t miss the Flash Flood, and on Sundays free guided tours of the gardens (with entry fee)- $20

Petroglyph Hike-really mellow and super cool, dozens of petroglyphs-FREE

Ice Box Canyon Hike- about 3mi round trip, and after a rain you know the waterfall will be going- Loop Fees

Pinball Hall Fame- you could really spend the whole day here- .50-2.00 a game

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art- you might as well culture yourself a bit- $15

Gold Strike and Arizona Hot Springs- FREE

East Freemont and the Container Park- music on the lawn on some evenings- FREE

Aquarium at the Silverton and Bass Pro shops- mermaids swim in some of the tanks- FREE

Ethyl M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden- mmmm free chocolate samples- FREE

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Climbing Gyms

The Refuge:

Red Rock Climbing Center:

Origin Climbing and Fitness:

Nevada Climbing Center: