Photo by Irene Yee-Photo By Irene Yee-07809.jpg

Irene is a highly-acclaimed photographer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion has taken her to China to document off-width first ascents, Tennessee to teach photography from fixed lines, and across Western North America to capture genuine laughter among friends.

While focusing on women, people of color, and the average climber, Irene showcases the beautiful memories each of us create while adventuring with friends in our backyard. One of the core beliefs behind her photography is that we need role models that inspire us and role models that are us.

She has been featured in Outside Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice, Alpinist, and many online publications such as SELF Magazine, Backcountry.com, and the Weather.com.

Irene continually looks to highlight people pushing their own personal limits, finding inspiration in those with passion over muscle.

Clients: The Honnold Foundation, Outdoor Research, The North Face, Trango, The Access Fund, American Alpine Club, Backcountry.com, Butora USA