Climbing Photography Clinics

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These clinics focus on how to set-up and shoot from a fixed line.

They are geared toward people who are already comfortable with using their camera, do not know how to ascend a rope, but want to start taking top down shots of rock climbing.


We'll go over the business of climbing photography, equipment, set-up, safety, efficiency, gear management, and nuances of shooting photos from a fixed line.

As we will be discussing the different types of equipment, we will provide any equipment you don’t have.


1 Day Clinics

This clinic is focused on getting you to know the equipment and learn how to jumar.

We’ll spend the first half of the day looking over examples, and taking about the differences in gear.

The second half will be spent learning how to ascend lines and learning how to shoot.

Max number of clients 6


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2 Day Clinics

This clinic is spread over 2 days, to get you an in depth knowledge of how the gear works, but also how a day flows when you head out to shoot.

The first day will be on the ground going over gear, getting comfortable on a fixed line, and include a demonstration by me of what I’m looking for in fixed line shots.

The second day will be spent with clients going up fixed lines and shooting, extra chances to get the best shot possible.

Max number of clients 8


Upcoming Clinics

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1 Day Clinic Las Vegas, NV

November 2nd Kaf Adventures

1 Day Clinic Las Vegas, NV

November 3rd Kaf Adventures

2 Day Clinic Bishop, CA

November 16th-17th


1 Day Clinic Las Vegas, NV

December 7th The Mountain Guides

2 Day Clinic Joshua, CA

December 14th-15th The Mountain Guides

1 Day Clinic Somerville, MA

December 28th BKB Somerville (Gym Setting)

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